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Drivers & Servo Motors

Drivers is a computer program which controls aparticular device connected to acomputer.

Motors is a machine that supplies motivepower for a vehicle or por another devicewith moving parts. A servomotor is arotary item that allows for precise controlofangularposition,speedandacceleration. Servomotors are used indifferent applications such as: Roboticsor automated machinery.

Part Number Manufacturer Description
SGM7J08AFC6S Yaskawa
SGMGH-20DCA61 Yaskawa
GMGH-13ACA61 Yaskawa
SGMAS-A5ACA21 Yaskawa
SGMGH-13ACA61 Yaskawa
SGMAS-A5ACA41 Yaskawa
SGMSH-50DCA6F-OY Yaskawa
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