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Cable used to connect HMI and PLC, Motor and Drive, power cable or coding cable.

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Part Number Manufacturer Description
MR-BAT6V1SET-A Mitsubishi
MR-RB12 Mitsubishi
MR-RB32 Mitsubishi
MR-RB50 Mitsubishi
MR-RB30 Mitsubishi
MR-RB51 Mitsubishi
SC-J2SJ4ENC03M Mitsubishi
MR-J3BK-30M Mitsubishi
MR-BKS1CBL2M-A1-L Mitsubishi
MR-BKS1CBL5M-A2-L Mitsubishi
MR-J3BUS5M-A Mitsubishi
MR-J3ENCBL5M-A2-L Mitsubishi
FX0N-65EC Mitsubishi
FX2N-CNV-BC Mitsubishi
MR-J2M-CN1TBL2M Mitsubishi
MR-PWCNS4(18-10) Mitsubishi
MR-BKCNS1 Mitsubishi
MR-J3ENCBL2M-A2-H Mitsubishi
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